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Rio carnival is a lively and exciting event. Various types of drums continue to sing to make your body sway without stopping. An exciting event where many people will use their best costumes to show the beauty of their creations. Not only costumes, you can find many striking accessories at the Rio Carnival.

Rio carnival is taken from the name of a small bird that looks attractive and has a sweet voice. His beautiful fur and funny behavior made the team from novomatic create a new game called rio carnival. To get to know more about this game, gamers can see some exciting hints at info rio carnival.

Symbol and spirit of carnival

Vimpir – A prestigious event where there is an assessment from the jury regarding the beautiful costume and the interaction of the costume wearer. This 5×4 game gives an unexpected pleasure. There are 50 types of game payments that gamers can get when playing the Rio Carnival game. Various symbols are ready to dance and play some tunes for you.

Enthusiastic songs make the event lively and exciting. This type of game that uses real money has the form of symbols that gamers can see such as: red and blue butterflies, costume women, rio carnival writing, guitar, drums and percussion instruments, as well as remy card symbols [A, K, Q, J, and 10 ].

attractive appearance//Party

Game demos

If you are in doubt, you can try playing with the game demo. Exciting games will give you many unexpected victories by rio carnival games. Try your luck in playing the game rio carnival. The demo game, the type of game that is played, does not use real money, so you have the opportunity to see how to play and win in Rio Carnival.

The sound of rio carnival music is so uplifting that you will lose track of time when playing it. Various types of dances will be danced by costume users at the Rio Carnival. In the Rio Carnival game, there is 1 symbol which has 2 important roles in the game. The picture of the woman in the costume goes wild and is a bonus game.

1 symbol with 2 functions

Getting 2 wilds will activate 1 spin so gamers get a game bonus. In the bonus game, there will be wilds and give free spins gradually. During the bonus game the wild will continue to grow until it covers the screen while providing endless free spins.

The total free spins that gamers will get can be up to 10 free spins and a screen filled with wilds during the bonus game will make you win unexpectedly. The appearance of wilds in rounds 2, 3, and 4 rounds. Not only giving free spins, but Rio Carnival will also give you a double value of 3 times what you will get.

Game device

Getting 3 of the same marks will give the gamer a chance to win. To start playing the game, you must determine the value of the bet first. After setting the bet value, gamers can play the Rio Carnival game. Playing games with a computer is certainly very clear and exciting. But if you are bored with just sitting, you can’t change position, of course you won’t play anymore, right?

But gamers don’t need to worry because playing Rio Carnival can be done with other devices besides using a computer. Yes, the advanced era can be played using cellphones, laptops, and tablets. Playing easily can be anywhere and there is no need to feel bored when playing games.