An exciting game with lots of fresh fruit that we can pick and get lots of wins. Games that have an old theme but are interesting and easy to win. Mega burner 6 game coming from novomatic provides many opportunities and opportunities to reach many game bonuses and jackpots. This type of game also provides a game model that can use real money bets and game demos.

In the game Mega Burner6 has a unique and fresh symbol shape. Each symbol is capable of providing many unexpected values. There are signs in the form of stars, bells, number 7, fruits and bar writing. The first was the presence of the mega burner 6 game in 2018. Games in the form of slot machines that have beautiful video models and attractive image forms.

An unexpected victory with a beautiful symbol

Vimpir – Model in the form of 6 reels with 3 rows of charming games. An exciting game and also a popular game among gamers. Unlimited types of wins so you can get a lot of unexpected values. Like when you get stars and bells on game reels. You will get infinite game value.

To be able to activate the bonus game you can use stars and bells. Get 3 equal marks you will get unexpected scores. 3 of a kind will appear in the same row. Game symbols that you can find are: plums, cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes, watermelons, stars, bars, 7, bells, and stars.

play by knowing the fruit game //Mega

Play with auto button

To know how to get more value, you can press info. In the info there will be a lot of symbol values ​​that you can find as well as ways and steps to be able to get game wins. If you get 6 of the same sign then you will get a value and also a bonus game.

When playing the game in rotation the screen will continue to spin when you press spin game or start game. But if you press the start continuously, it will certainly make you feel tired and tired. But you don’t need to worry because the game from novomatic also gives a game atmosphere that is no less interesting than other games.

Defend the game by increasing the value of the game bet

Mega burner6 game has automatic game or you can say toggle button. If you feel tired pressing start then you can press automatic. Then the screen will automatically continue to rotate until it gets the game symbol value and the game rotation will stop when the game credits run out. To be able to add game credits, you can enter the game betting site.

On the screen you can increase the number of bets you want. During the game cycle you can increase the amount of credit so you can continue to play until you get a lot of value and big wins. Still afraid of losing the game, you don’t have to worry. Because the game mega burner6 can be played with game demo mode.

Play fun with game demo

Demo games that can be played without using real money bets. Playing demo games will certainly make you not lose. Playing the demo game you can see how to get the value and the number of wins that you can achieve while playing the game. Mega burner6 game provides a lot of unexpected fun and fun.