A new game that has just been released by the novomatic provider. The 2nd edition of the game that gives a lot of fun with a winning value that can be done with various symbols and spin keys that can give a winning value. The excitement of the game that can be obtained in the form of images and game visuals in cash connection voodoo magic.

The cash connection voodoo game is a video-style slot game that gives the impression of being adventurous in the game. Cash connection voodoo magic tells the story of a priest who came from the swamp to make a doll with his magical powers. To get the cash connection voodoo magic game, you can win in various ways.


Mysterious game setting with win bonus

Vimpir – The game is themed full of magic with a game background filled with swamp air with a slightly mysterious song making the game atmosphere a little tense. A game that has a bright image and a unique image in the cash connection voodoo magic game.

You don’t need a lot of steps or ways to win the game. voodoo magic gives free wins fast. 4 jackpot bonuses that can give you many game wins. The jackpots available in the cash connection voodoo magic game are: mini, minor, major, and grand.

Game symbols and spin lock

Various types of symbols that appear in the game. The form of a game that has 5 reels with free winning moves. Symbols that have different types of values ​​also trigger a win so gamers can use various ways to win. The main symbol in the game is a priest. Wild which is only present on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. games with doll symbols

Wild can replace all symbols except coin tokens. Magic coins that can activate spin lock. Get 6 same coins and spin lock will be active. Active coins will fill the screen to the full and gamers win big in the cash connection voodoo magic game. Coins that fill the screen will give you a bonus game in the form of a jackpot bonus.

Active spin lock and game combination symbols

When the spin lock is active, the game rotation will automatically stop. During the stop symbol there will be some coins that are still spinning and fill the coins until the screen is full. In the coin rotation there will be several jackpot bonuses that appear among the game coins. When the game screen is full, gamers will get the game win value.

When you get 3 of the same or more symbols, you will get the game winning value. Not only with the same 3 symbols, but combination winning symbols that can give you many game wins. To find out the value of each symbol, gamers can press game info.

Auto games and game symbols

In the info gamers will find several values ​​​​of each symbol as well as the steps for winning the game. In addition to game info, there are also steps that make the game spin without having to press start or spin. By pressing auto then the game will automatically play by itself.

No need to press the button, gamers just need to wait for the winning results with the value of each game spin. There will be many symbols that can be found in the game such as; photo of priest, doll, knitting ball stick, pigtail doll, potion bottles, coins as well as some joker remy cards, Ace, K, Q, J, and the number 10.